Bring your U.S. classic car to us – we’ll put it back on the road.

The manufacturers of Muscle Cars highest priority back then was given to the engine and the performance one could get out of an up to 8 liters displacement. And there’s exactly where we start. Are you having trouble with your engine? No matter if Big Block, Small Block, Ford, Chevrolet or Mopar, we know what to do. We can offer you everything from a simple inspection to a complete overhaul of your engine. 300 Hp isn’t enough? Have a look at our RACING column to learn how we can get up to 800 Hp out of a big block engine.
Perhaps the engine, drive train and suspension are just fine in your vehicle but the paint job leaves much to be desired or the interior is old and worn-out? Here, too, our specialists have the know-how to meet your special needs and get your car back on the road, either true to the original, or with a personalized paint job and tailor-made interior both designed according to your wishes.
The suspension systems in those days were horse and buggy compared to the engine performance. The stretch is your friend, the curve your enemy. We know how to revise your ’69 Charger or ’67 Cougar so that you feel secure and can enjoy relaxed driving, even with the heavy traffic nowadays or, in comparison to U.S. highways, on our winding roads in Germany. Not only the engine must be perfect, the suspension as well. Even a 16-foot vehicle drives like a European sports car!
Pick-up and/or delivery service: Should your engine not be road-worthy, no problem! We will pick up your automobile in a closed trailer and deliver it back to you after repairs have been completed. Has your vehicle broken down and you want to bring it directly to a competent garage? Give us a call!
No matter what the trouble may be or how unusual your request, Muscle Cars Konstanz is ready to help!