What’s your pleasure? A Nascar Racer or a quarter-mile power pack?

Every season classic automobile races take place all over Europe where the spirit of the 50s, 60s and 70s is revived, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to participate with their vehicles. Whether you wish to race in Hockenheim or Nürburgring, shoot for the German Car Club (AvD) Cup or take part in a classic car rally, we can show you how to turn your classic car into a racing demon.
Muscle Cars are rather rare on European race tracks, so audiences are thrilled when they catch sight of the smoking tires and hear the thundering of a V8 engine. We would be happy to remodel your own racer after the great racing cars of the 60s. Shelby Mustangs or Trans Am Cudos from Chrysler’s daughter Mopar can be rebuilt true to the original model or tuned with even better technical equipment.
We’re more than willing to assist you in your choice among the many components available and respond accordingly to your special wishes. Would you like to race a ’65 Mustang? We’re your partner.
We handle historic racing under the term “period tuning”. This is important in regard to the rules and regulations for licensing with historic plates. To avoid complications, ask us.
The suspension requires particular attention. Who doesn’t know that typically flaccid suspension of American cars? It’s a thing of the past after we’ve treated your automobile. Discover the experience of driving a Muscle Car with perfect suspension!
Have you ever thought of racing in the “Nitrolympics” in Hockenheim? Would you like to go a quarter mile in 12 seconds? We’ll show you how. Our racer, a 1968 Cougar with 600 Hp, sets the example.
Engine Projects